Senior Data Scientist

We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist to join our Data Science Practice in India. If you are a data scientist and looking for driving business strategy through predictive and prescriptive analytics, then let’s talk! Send your resume to

Department: Engineering
Project Location(s): India


  • Work with stakeholders from products, merchandising, operations, customer retention to identify opportunities for leveraging in-house and third party data to drive decisions.
  • Processing, cleansing, and verifying the integrity of various data sets to drive insights on customer, marketing, operations, products and other business strategies.
  • Develop processes and tools to monitor, analyze and report model performance and data accuracy.
  • Build predictive models to enhance customer experiences & retention, spend optimization, campaigns, supply chain and other business outcomes.
  • Develop visualization/ presentations to clearly articulate and present data insights to various stakeholders


  • Bachelors/Masters Degree in computer science, math, engineering, analytics, or related field and five (3) years or more experience
  • 2 -5 years of experience using statistical computer languages (R, Python, SQL) to draw insights and foresights using large and heterogeneous data sets.
  • Experience on statistical techniques and concepts (regression, properties of distributions, statistical tests, etc.).
  • Experience with machine learning techniques (clustering, supervised learning and tree based, etc.) under real-word problem statements.
  • Ability to lead and mentor a team of Data Scientists.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and agile environment.
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