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How Can Unified Data Help with Omnichannel Customer Experiences

Introduction to Unified Data  Unified data brings together different data sources to offer one view of an organization’s data. This term frequently refers to a grouping of on-prem and cloud-based data that can be virtualized through a unified layer. Why Is Unified Data Essential for an Organization? Unified data offers a comprehensive, safe and accurate

5 Tips for Effective AI Adoption in Your Organization

Tips for Effective AI Adoption in Your Organization Introduction We are all aware that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the capability to boost business processes and performance. From forecasting purchasing patterns and customer behavior and improving supply chains to customizing shopping experiences and understanding the workforce, there are various examples of businesses in different sectors utilizing

Data Science and AI Trends 2022: The Interoperability Opportunity

Future Data Science Trends  Introduction Data science is a stimulating field for knowledge workers as it increasingly interconnects with the future of how organizations, society, industries, governance, and policy will function. It is quite easy to define the term “data science”. Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, algorithms, processes, and systems

What is the Importance of Intelligent Process Automation

The Importance Of Intelligent Process Automation Introduction Tasks that are optimized or automated by Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are referred to as Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). IPA tools thus decrease the human intervention required in different business processes. IPA solutions surpass the simple, rule-based tasks. For example, AI can be applied

How The Video Game Industry Teach Us About Data Management?

Data Management and the Video Game Industry Introduction The video gaming industry is indisputably one of the most essential and future-thinking sectors that continues to deploy new innovation and technology. Interestingly, the gaming industry has seen a substantial growth in the last decade and has also surpassed the Music ($20.2b) and Box-Office ($42.5b) combined together

What Can We Expect from Big Data Analytics in 2022?

Introduction Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are terms that most of us are familiar with. The latest forecast for data science and data analytics predicts that these fields will continue to dominate the global market. Big Data and Analytics (BDA) is not only a critical resource

Google Launched a Cloud AI Platform Pipelines Beta To Install ML Models Faster

Introduction A scalable Machine Learning (ML) workflow involves several steps and complex computations. These steps include data preparation and pre-processing, evaluating, and training models, installing these models, and more. While prototyping an ML model can be seen as a simple and easy-going task, it ultimately becomes tough to keep track of each and every process.

How AI Influencing the Gaming Industry?

AI Influencing the Gaming Industry Introduction The next significant evolution in terms of gaming will be bought in by the most revolutionary technology of our time: Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has been in the gaming industry for a while now and it has also featured in genres, such as shooting, strategy and also racing games.

Machine Learning to Predict Mortality Rates in Emergency Departments

Introduction Machine Learning to Predict Mortality Rates We are quite sure that most of us have spent innumerable hours at an hospital emergency room, waiting to get admitted or waiting to meet with a doctor. However, there are times when patients who do not need any urgent or critical care are called in before. This