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AI and Automation for the Future

Introduction Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) are changing businesses are contributing to economic growth by creating efficient processes. These technologies will also transform the workplace and the nature of work. Machines will now be able to do more than humans can while complementing the work we humans do and also perform tasks

Why Data Quality and Data Access Are Crucial at Present

Why Data Quality and Data Access Are Crucial at Present Introduction Data quality is the measure of the data condition depending on factors such as completeness, accuracy, reliability, consistency, and whether it is up to date. Measuring the data quality levels can enable organizations to recognize data errors that need resolving and evaluate if the

Combating Shadow Data

Introduction Shadow data is any confidential or sensitive data that escapes from systems/devices or cloud, inadvertently or intentionally. Examples of shadow data are: Employees share confidential information by mistake, assuming that the data isn’t sensitive. Data that has been unknowingly abandoned or duplicated. Data that lies somewhere in an enterprise,  but is not a part

Green Machine Learning

Introduction The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) on the environment has been a hot topic and will be the most defining issue of AI and M for this decade. This conversation started with some recent studies from the Allen Institute for AI. The argument was for the prioritization of “Green Machine

Enhancing Data and AI Potential with Automation

Introduction In the present interconnected world, data is an extremely powerful tool that enhances growth. Data assists businesses in making decisions to enhance various functions such as marketing, sales, revenue, and finance. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables businesses, of all sizes, to gain value from the data and do better than competitors. However, this usage of

How AI and ML can Prevent ACH Frauds

Introduction ACH which stands for Automated Clearing House Network is a common money transfer technique that most financial institutions (FIs) use to manage checks, cash transfers, direct deposits, and bill payments between individuals and businesses. Until recently, ACH was not thought of as a high-risk payment method. This is primarily because frauds have historically been

How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Coding Audits

Introduction Medical coding audits are time-consuming, complex, and very costly processes that always need a huge investment of manual resources. However, more recently, there have been many advances in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector, which make these audits more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective. Because of the sheer volume and the complexity of the clinical documentation

Blockchain! CIOs Should Care About.

Reasons why CIOs Should Care About Blockchain Introduction Blockchain is so much more than just Bitcoins. about much more than the Bitcoins available in the world today. If an organization manages or stores data that is valuable enough for someone to want to modify or alter it, then there is a use case for Blockchain.

Indian Start-ups with ‘Great Place to Work at Certification

Introduction You can never really visit LinkedIn these days without observing that an organization has shared news of an award that it has received for leadership, partnership, innovation, or anything. Job seekers are always searching for great IT places to work at. We are living in an age of ribbons, recognitions, and trophies. Some company