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Sports Analytics After the Movie Moneyball

Introduction In 2011, the movie ‘Moneyball’ introduced the idea of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science in sports. With this movie, people understood how AI and data can change the fortunes of a sports team. It is true that with progress in Machine Learning (ML) and AI, there is a bigger influence of data

Tips for Ensuring Data Security in 2023

Introduction As everyone’s lives revolve around technology, it is no surprise more than 64 zettabytes of has been generated over the last few decades. Needless to say, this has made data protection more urgent and critical. Currently, we cannot tap into $300 billion of the world’s most valuable data due to the absence of a

Artificial Intelligence conceptual understanding

Introduction The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been growing by leaps and bounds with ground-breaking use cases across all industry sectors. AI is helping experts across all industries diagnose and solve problems faster. This enables consumers to do amazing things, like find songs with just a voice command. The company Interactions offers Intelligent Virtual

Data Unified Analytics is Good for Business

Data Unified Analytics is Good for Business Introduction Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two of the fastest growing technologies in the world today. However, it is quite apparent that a combination of both these technologies can attain new heights. Augmented analytics refers to the tendency of today’s enterprises to combine data analytics with

Predictions for Big Data in 2023

Predictions for Big Data in 2023 Introduction In the world today, the trends of big data are increasingly vital. The benefits of deploying these trends comprise better efficiency, decision-making, the implementation of the best practices for managing big data, and more data insights. Big data trends can enable businesses to make better decisions, offer a

How Valuable is Data Observability

How Valuable is Data Observability? Introduction Data is extremely vital, it is in fact the new fuel. All industries currently depend on data to be able function. It is very important that the data being used is clean, precise and error-free. This is exactly where the concept of data observability comes into play. Data Observability

How ChatGPT is taking over the digital world!

Introduction “ChatGPT” is the latest buzzword these days. If you are one of those who is curious to find out more about ChatGPT, then this blog is for you. The ChatGPT technology (also known as “language machine”) uses statistics, supervised learning, and reinforcement learning to index words, phrases, and sentences. This technology can very effectively

AI for Humanity. How is AI Helping Blind People See

AI for Humanity. How is AI Helping Blind People See Introduction Artificial intelligence (AI) is the most revolutionary development in human history, and the world its continuously witnessing its transformative capabilities. Not surprisingly, AI innovations are powering some of the most cutting-edge solutions that we use in our daily lives. AI, Machine Learning (ML), and

Maximizing the Potential of Data and AI through Automation

Introduction Every organization hopes to be data-driven. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) allow business leaders to turn data into insights and then those insights into action. According to Genpact’s recent CIO study, in partnership with the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, CIOs consider AI and ML the best technologies to help them achieve their