About Us

We began our operations in 2011 by building high volume online platforms. By leveraging the expertise gained in Data Processing, Big Data, and Machine Learning, we help our clients accelerate their Data Science, Business Intelligence, and Applied AI initiatives. This provides businesses with the edge to gain insights for better and faster decision-making consequences.

Our team has extensive experience with information technologies and has worked on a multitude of diverse projects. The versatility we have enables us to provide our clients with the best data services while also supplying foundational technology engineering needs when required.

We take pride in our collaboration with our clients and the confidence they have in us. We cover industries such as Retail/eCommerce, Healthcare, Mass Media/AdTech and Financial Services.

Our Mission
  • Help businesses unlock the value of their data
  • Democratize AI by providing accelerators to automate business processes
  • Expedite our clients’ growth
How Can We Help You?

Contact us at info@aretove.com to see how we can help you accelerate your data engineering and business intelligence initiatives.

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