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Aligning technology support during onboarding is a challenge for new leaders, as seen in a recent case at a retail company.


There was also little to no hand over documentation as the previous accountable member had resigned only a few days before the joining of the new team member, leaving them with limited visibility into areas of enhancement. They lacked reporting, cutting into their ability to gain insights related to their organization.

With knowledge of a data warehouse that was in place from a previous consultant, the new leader knew it was a priority to begin building out Power BI reports. They were struggling with the untrustworthiness of their data. With data sources such as Shopify and Acumatica, the first priority was building a data pipeline and reconcile as well as aggregate the data.

At a GlanceKey Challenges

  • Leadership changes lead to unclarity in areas of enhancement.
  • Data was unreliable and created issues in reporting initiatives.
  • Lack of aggregated data.

At a GlanceKey Outcomes

  • Creation of plan forward to take on reporting initiatives.
  • Enhanced visibility into sales and finance activities.
  • Trustworthy partner who could provide support to Client moving forward.
How Aretove Helped

Aretove knew that with a team that was new and did not have a roadmap already in place for what they’d like to do, Aretove’s team needed to step in. By working collaboratively with the Client to prepare the data, building the planned out models, and creating the reports, these key initiatives began to come along.

With constant connectivity with the Client via brainstorming sessions, the planned results of these projects were clearly defined. Reports built out for finance and Marketing reams that looked into Sales, Channel performance, brands, customers and more.

Unanticipated Benefits

By working with the Aretove team, the Client was able to kick-start the key initiatives that they had for reporting. Aretove’s expertise and agility lead to an otherwise time-consuming project to be streamlined and planned out in the most efficient way.

Beyond the Sales and Finance reports, Aretove also made the move into inventory reporting, allowing teams to have a new level of insight into their forecasts and demand. Insights into shipments and fulfillment has allowed the Client to cut down on delays and areas impacting delivery time. Customers are satisfied, leading the Client to be as well!

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