Business Integration for Global ExpansionRetail and eCommerce

A prominent luxury furniture and lighting wholesaler, with a robust US footprint, was expanding into the UK.

Their leadership team was looking to implement a series of integrations to better leverage their technology stack in support of the new UK presence. As a result, the IT team was searching for a full-service partner that could support the integration of their systems to fully take advantage of their new London showroom, as well as future projects.

The client wanted to fortify their infrastructure by integrating two different ERP systems, Nav 2018 and Nav Business Central, along with a 3PL and a CRM. In Aretove they found this support and were able to form a long-term partnership to support their current and future goals.

At a GlanceKey Challenges

  • Enterprises that are navigating two ERP systems with siloed 3PL, CRM, etc. are constantly working with outdated data.
  • Multiple external partners managing the IT structure hindered the company’s ability to undergo digital transformation.
  • Cost of shipping was difficult to calculate due to the manual work involved and reliance on multiple systems for all relevant data.

At a GlanceKey Outcomes

  • Cost of shipping calculation became visible in the PLM software automatically.
  • Connected sales tax adjustments to the sales order information passed through the ERP.
  • Saved team members manual effort and minimizing risk of human error by investing in Boomi and enhancing processes.
  • Focus shifted to new initiatives and goals by automating critical workflows.
How Aretove Helped

Aretove began to work with existing staff members and third-party providers to address the information technology pain points the company was facing using an agile methodology.

The company required numerous new Boomi processes to be built out to fully integrate the current deployed systems. Primarily, inventory levels at the 3PL warehouse location added to support the UK showroom needed to be accurately represented in real time. If a re-stock is needed in the UK, there would be at least a 2-week delay for ocean freight shipping, so as soon as stock levels dipped it was of the utmost importance new inventory be shipped from the US immediately. Here, Aretove delivered, creating Boomi processes that allowed for immediate and accurate information exchange between disparate systems.

The integrations enhanced real-time inventory and order status representation. When UK 3PL stock was low, an automated process generated a purchase order from the U.S. hub. This process included integrating PLM software for better shipping cost visibility. The CRM was improved for tax exemptions, utilizing Boomi integration to enhance error handling and save IT staff time.

Unanticipated Benefits

With enhanced information visibility, the company redirected more IT resources to innovation instead of maintaining legacy systems. The streamlined Boomi infrastructure automates crucial workflows, reducing manual steps and enhancing adaptability for future changes.

With a trusted technology partner, the Client could focus on long-term goals and larger projects without being burdened by extensive manual work and complex data architecture. In less than six months, Aretove seamlessly merged with the client’s IT development team, offering best practice guidance and constructing integrations that unlocked the value of an overseas expansion. With one successful international expansion, the future holds promising growth for the Client’s business, reaching customers in multiple countries.

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