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A Southern Restaurant Chain, originally using Domo for data needs, opted to switch to Power BI, encountering challenges due to the absence of a dedicated data warehouse.

The absence of a centralized data storage solution likely contributed to difficulties in managing and extracting meaningful insights from their data. The move to Power BI was needed to enhance data analysis capabilities, potentially addressing the issues associated with the previous tool and establishing a more robust foundation for data management and reporting.

Facing internal constraints, the Client aimed to swiftly transition within 2-3 months, prioritizing the marketing team’s reporting needs and seeking to streamline data operations by consolidating information from various sources into a centralized data warehouse platform.

At a GlanceKey Challenges

  • Transition from Domo to Power BI required careful planning and execution to ensure seamless movement
  • Lack of a dedicated data warehouse solution led to data disorganization and inefficiency
  • Constraints in internal bandwidth and knowledge regarding the planned transition

At a GlanceKey Outcomes

  • Detailed analysis and data mapping created a strong foundation for efficient data handling, guiding the next project stages
  • Structured approach ensured organized data and established an efficient framework, facilitating streamlined operations
  • Introduced new reports within tight timeframe
  • Acquired a reliable ally with proficiency in various internal systems
How Aretove Helped

The Client enlisted the assistance of Aretove to bolster their initiatives, drawn by their extensive experience in similar projects. Aretove began with analysis and a data mapping stage, ensuring comprehension of intricacies in available data. In the modeling phase, a structured data model was created to meet storage needs from platforms like Toast, Aloha, Paytronix, and Restaurant 365.

They implemented an Azure Synapse-based data ingestion pipeline, laying the foundation for organized data storage, enabling data visualization and reporting in Power BI. The structured approach that Aretove utilized from analysis to modeling establishes a framework for efficient data handling, paving the way for data visualization and insightful reporting.

Unanticipated Benefits

Not only did Aretove provide expert support in data ingestion, reporting, and validation, but they also played a pivotal role in introducing new reports within the allotted 2-3 month time frame, showcasing their proactive approach and responsiveness. Their ability to offer insightful recommendations, drawing from their proficiency in both the Client’s systems and the industry, proved invaluable in enhancing overall operational efficiency. Their engagement left a substantial imprint within the organization, leading the Client to recognize them not just as a service provider but as an indispensable and strategic partner for future endeavors.

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