Food Waste Minimized with Boomi IntegrationsRestaurant

An Ohio-based midsize restaurant chain faced challenges with siloed data and lacked omni-channel communication across their business and back of house systems.

Their Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) work was also mainly being done manually and this was using up a lot of time. Overall they also had lack of resources to execute the necessary projects on time.

Aretove worked with existing staff members to provide their technology team with the bandwidth they needed to execute multiple high priority integrations to improve their overall business processes for the front and back of house teams and implement ADP.

At a GlanceKey Challenges

  • Lack of omni-channel communication between front and back of house teams.
  • Lack of resources to execute necessary projects on time.
  • Manual work in HRMS.
  • Lack of visibility in inventory for catering orders.

At a GlanceKey Outcomes

  • Connection and communication between all systems.
  • Less manual work when it comes to onboarding/off- boarding employees.
  • Employees punching in was no longer a manual process.
  • Inventory data synchronized across all locations benefitting in restaurant, online and catering orders.
How Aretove Helped

Aretove provided skilled talent that could quickly understand the integration project at hand and its business impact. Once the project began Aretove defined the workflow and resources to ensure the delivery of the integrations by validating their work. Between the developer and Aretove’s overall industry expertise, the talent was able to quickly understand the Boomi integration projects at hand and their business impacts.

The ADP project was completed first, with the other projects following that were integrating technologies including Aloha, MonkeyMedia, OLO, Crunchtime, CCQ, Infor, etc. all via Boomi. Working in tandem with the Client’s team, the projects were able to be completed on time.

The integration of ADP streamlined employee management, saving time on manual tasks and improving communication between back and front-of-house systems. The synchronized inventory data facilitated efficient fulfillment of online orders and enhanced planning for peak seasons, such as the holidays, resulting in a streamlined and less complicated process.

Unanticipated Benefits

Integration of catering and back-of-house systems provided restaurant managers with real-time inventory information, enabling efficient planning for catering, online orders, and brick-and-mortar locations. The interconnected systems allowed quick identification and sharing of needed ingredients among neighboring locations, fostering organizational-wide visibility and streamlined inventory management.

Efficient communication between systems minimized food waste, improved inventory management for catering, dine-in, and delivery clients. The integration facilitates precise ordering and enhances preparation for holiday seasons, increasing customer satisfaction.

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