Integrating Key Construction SystemsConstruction

A large heavy construction company sought assistance with Boomi integration challenges.

They were looking to onboard new applications such as CMiC ERP, HCSS, Command Alkon, Cornerstone, and others to better support their organization and streamline information flow. These applications were integrated via Boomi to support the company’s expanding business operations and growth targets.

The lack of well-defined APIs between applications and the changing Boomi Support contacts led to prolonged development times and unreliable guidance. The team’s limited knowledge of Boomi’s best practices made logging errors and troubleshooting difficult. Despite experience with self-taught integrations, the team was not proficient in data mapping with Boomi during their transition from JD Edwards to CMiC.

At a GlanceKey Challenges

  • Lacked knowledge on best practices with high-value platform, Boomi.
  • Data lacked uniformity and was versatile due to movement from ERP to ERP.
  • APIs were not well defined, leading to prolonged development time.

At a GlanceKey Outcomes

  • Gained deeper understanding of Boomi through documentation and best practice suggestions.
  • Enhanced data quality and expert integrations with critical systems.
  • Custom error logging tool that allows for proactive resolution of issues.
  • Error logging tool allowed for reduction in Boomi execution time, enhancing overall efficiency.
How Aretove Helped

Aretove provided expert guidance and assisted the company in documenting and integrating HCSS and Cornerstone to track worker certification. Due to complex integrations, extensive research and development was required to ensure success.

Aretove then moved on to integrate CMiC and Command Alkon to manage sales orders, utilizing a staging table for data and processes to move data to final tables. Along with building out these processes, the team provided best practice suggestions and documentation. As the company had few prior integrations, Aretove identified areas for improvement in future integrations and suggested changes to streamline their operations.

Unanticipated Benefits

Aretove developed a customized Boomi error logging tool for the Client to identify and address errors quickly and efficiently. This solution significantly saved time and money for the organization by streamlining the error logging process. Additionally, the team helped the Client by becoming a trusted Boomi resource who was consistent, experienced, and prioritized Client success. Through the customized error logging tool and assistance in finding a trusted partner, the company was able to improve their overall efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.

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