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A midsize petroleum company based in the Mountain West region was struggling to integrate NetSuite.


The need to integrate NetSuite with multiple internal and external platforms, as well as accounting data, posed a struggle for the organization, as they were faced by limitations internally. They hoped to perform customizations and build reports after several acquisitions. NetSuite can often be tough to customize to a business, and these projects can take significant time organizations do not always have to spare.

Aretove worked with existing staff members to capture the business requirement and overcome NetSuite’s limitations.

At a GlanceKey Challenges

  • Need for out-of-the-box financial reporting.
  • Customizations that were constrained by NetSuite’s limitations.
  • Disparate and inconsistent customer records from multiple acquisitions.

At a GlanceKey Outcomes

  • Reports consolidated from multiple ERP’s into a single view in NetSuite.
  • Customized reports that enable end users to confidently update financial data as needed without relying on external partners.
  • Streamlined sales and customer data access across teams.
  • Refund portal built to workaround NetSuite limitations.
How Aretove Helped

Once Aretove began work with the client, they swiftly surveyed the current environment that they were working with and provided skilled talent that could quickly understand the projects at hand and their business impacts. For the integration project, the client needed Salesforce and NetSuite to be connected so that they could share client contact and company information with their sales teams.

The client had a few legacy ERP’s from previous acquisitions that held vast amounts of financial and customer data that needed to be keep track of; this could not be done without adding custom fields to define the data. They also needed significant customizations to streamline a refund process that their finance team was doing hundreds of times daily but all manually.

Finally, they needed saved searches created in NetSuite so they could easily find their gross margins and track balance sheets, income, P&L statements, etc. Aretove was able to support all of these needs from the client and with constant communication finish them in a timely manner.

Unanticipated Benefits

To address the client’s manual refund issue, Aretove implemented customizations. Despite NetSuite limitations, Aretove created a dedicated refund portal, saving the finance team considerable time. With ongoing support, the client efficiently handled multiple projects, overcoming NetSuite constraints. The new reports provided real-time insights, minimizing risks and facilitating business growth through seamless integration of legacy ERP data into NetSuite. Without Aretove’s assistance, the client would have struggled with NetSuite limitations and faced challenges in pursuing long-term growth goals.

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