Overcoming Data Disarray in Real EstateReal Estate

A large southern Real Estate company faced a significant challenge in their reporting process.


This was due to the multitude of reports generated from different sources, including Power BI, SSRS, and old ERP systems. This resulted in a scattered approach to data management, with incomplete data sets causing further complications. To address these issues, they required assistance in rebuilding their data models in Azure, and creating new models to ensure a more cohesive and streamlined approach to reporting. The task at hand was not just limited to building new models, but also involved generating comprehensive reports that could provide valuable insights into their business operations.

Unexpectedly to the Client, their reporting projects were not as straight forward as they hoped that would be. With their data not fully prepped, achieving the reports they wanted was highly difficult. Members that had been with the team for 30+ years were still confused by the data they were hoping to utilize. Not only was the data not ready, they also underestimated how complicated Power BI would be, especially financial reports.

At a GlanceKey Challenges

  • Lacked knowledge on best practices with high-value platform, Power BI.
  • Required operations-critical resource internally to alleviate bandwidth.
  • Struggled with critical data management.
  • Lacked accurate reports imperative for decision making.

At a GlanceKey Outcomes

  • Received support in cleansing of data that would serve organization in years to come.
  • Enhanced operations and day-to-day visibility into critical information via Power BI reports.
  • Gained a trusted partner with expertise related to numerous internal systems.
How Aretove Helped

Aretove worked alongside the team and stepped up to the plate when it came to sorting through and enhancing their data. Using their expertise, Aretove was able to provide suggestions on the best way to approach this issue.

Not only did they help in building out critical Power BI reports related to finance such as cost, expenses and profit per warehouse, vendor stock costs, etc., but Aretove also aided in the creation of new data models. Seeing that their existing data was disorganized and nearly unusable, Aretove took this ins stride and cleaned it up so that Power BI-related initiatives could be streamlined.

Unanticipated Benefits

Through Aretove’s collaboration, they not only provided critical reports but also helped the Client develop new data models that were efficient and effective. They were able to offer valuable suggestions on the best approach to take, leveraging their expertise in both the Client’s systems and industry. Aretove’s involvement made a significant impact within the organization, and the Client soon realized that they had become an irreplaceable asset.

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