Anil MitraCo-Founder & CTO

Anil Mitra
areas of expertise
  • IT Transformation
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Big Data & Business Intelligence Platforms
  • Programatic AdTech Platforms
  • Deep learning & Applied AI
  • BE, Electronics & Telecommunication

With over 20 years of experience in software engineering and building distributed systems of extreme technical complexity Anil is uniquely positioned to quickly understand the technology needs of our clients and provide solutions with high scalability and availability.

My goal is to unleash the power of technology combined with the innovation of some of the brightest minds in our team.

Prior to founding Aretove, Anil provided technology leadership to various mortgage banking, digital agencies and ad tech companies. He has built recommendation engines, machine learning systems and acts as a technology advisor to many startups.

Anil is an extremely busy person and one of the few things he loves to do during his free time is to take his family for a long drive and explore new places. He is also a talented singer and can surprise quite a few with his vocal skills.


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Pune, Maharashtra 411045, India

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