Artificial Intelligence- The HERO of Cybersecurity:

IT companies the world over are increasing their security budget. Even as the security spend grows robustly, the cost of handling countless security breaches is ever increasing. In fact, global businesses are spending almost $100 billion on security products, but they still feel extremely exposed and vulnerable. Here’s where Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can help. Businesses can use these two to enforce excellent cybersecurity measures to counteract malicious activity. In fact, with AI security measures in place, companies can stop chasing after malicious activity, focusing instead on core issues. Cybersecurity – Why It Is Failing

Cybersecurity – Why It Is Failing:

If your adversaries are smarter than you, and getting smarter by the second, there’s not much to do but to constantly keep up your defenses. Cloud and mobile technologies have created vulnerabilities in our traditional security perimeters as well. We always seem to be just one step behind the villains, which is the main reason why our cybersecurity measures are not succeeding.

AI And Cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity protects all systems connected to the internet, including tons of data, hardware and software from cyber-attacks. As far as cybersecurity is concerned, AI is an intelligent system that is able to observe and learn from its environment to take action against a set purpose. Artificial Intelligence security and protection measures can pick up rules as it goes along and even build rules as it goes. The application of artificial intelligence in security is ideal to combat cyber-attacks, as they too are constantly evolving, configuring new attack methods as they evolve.

How AI and Machine Learning Can Help Achieve Cyber-hygiene:

Artificial Intelligence- The HERO of Cybersecurity!

The prima-facie challenge to cybersecurity has been the never-stopping scale of cybersecurity attacks. However, change, even with regard to cybersecurity hygiene, is predictable and therefore follows patterns. Recognizing patterns, adapting to them and evolving to advance further learning is what AI/ML excels in.

Using AI in information security to achieve cyber-hygiene is what will help us secure modern and future IT environments against the constantly evolving cyber-threats out there. AI has already proven itself as a huge advantage on the cybersecurity threat front.  Several organizations have started using AI to bolster their cybersecurity measures to fight sophisticated hackers. In fact, Barclays Africa is now using AI and machine learning to detect cybersecurity threats and respond to them.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security:

There are excellent reasons why AI is the new hero of Cyber Security. AI allows for automation of operational tasks, develops and delivers predictive capabilities and derives actionable intelligence through various sources. AI can analyze massive amounts of data and enable existing systems and software to evolve in the right ways to reduce cyber-attacks. AI handles automated software testing to locate and eliminate threats before they can cause serious damage.


If IT departments are using AI to fight cyber threats, then cyber attackers are also using AI to evolve and fine-tune their attacks. So if we don’t harness the power of AI to tighten our cybersecurity, hackers will do this eventually. Cyber security has to start looking at AI as a disruptor to make sure we stay on top of technological advancements using the power of AI.