The lockdown which has been a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered how businesses operate. Companies have been forced to adapt to a new way of functioning, where employees are working from home. Though a little tough initially, employees now are equally productive working from home as they were while working from offices. One such technology  is Cloud  Computing. Cloud Computing tools and services is one of the best way to well functioning of businesses.

Cloud Computing to Overcome Challenges

Working from home does have its set of challenges, however there are multiple technologies which can be used to overcome these challenges. One such technology is cloud computing, which is beneficial to both employees and companies.

Cloud computing technologies enable employees to bring their office to where they are. Employees, can thus easily work from home and organizations can continue functioning as they were, by utilizing the benefits of cloud computing. Some features of cloud computing are:

  • Cloud-based Basis

Employees can access the same services that can be accessed while they are in office. For example, employees can access their e-mails irrespective of where they are.

Other than accessing services, cloud computing also helps employees to share their files, either through cloud-based platforms or through e-mails. Employees can share detailed and intricate designs easily by uploading such documents to the cloud. Once the documents are uploaded, the link of the uploaded file can be shared with the intended recipient. The document can then be viewed online or also downloaded to the computer. Such features are the just the tip of the iceberg with regards to cloud computing.

  • Simultaneously Working on a Project

Cloud computing enables employees to work together on a project at the same time just as they can in office. For example, a team of software developers in remote locations can simultaneously write and read code. Team members can share their respective inputs with regards to the system and the project can be completed in the same manner as in office. Any number of employees can easily and efficiently collaborate by using the cloud computing solutions. Employees can also have virtual meetings over the internet using video conferencing tools.

  • Unlimited Storage Space

The cloud has unlimited storage space as compared to a computer which can have a storage space in gigabytes only. Thus, organizations can store their data on the cloud where it is secure and available readily to anyone who needs access the data. Storage space on the cloud can also be purchased.

  • Efficient Tracking of Productivity and Tasks

Another advantage of adopting cloud computing technologies is that organizations can track tasks in real-time. The software available on the cloud captures how much work has been completed, how much work is remaining and by when can the remaining work be completed. Thus, an organization can easily keep track of all its employees working remotely.


As most employees work from home due to Covid- 19 pandemic, it is quite evident that employees can be equally productive as they work remotely. The post pandemic world is definitely going to have the work from home as a norm. This in turn is going to lead to a huge demand in cloud-based solutions.