By analyzing customer data, companies acquire accurate ideas about customer behavior based on which they can make significant business decisions. If the accumulated data rightly processed, you can unearth a plethora of opportunities using the right kind of business intelligence (BI).
For several years, BI has been guiding employees in performing vital business operations, and now with the adoption of advanced technologies like conversational AI, some major improvements are happening.

How is conversational AI transforming business operations?

Employees dealing with Business Intelligence perceived a minute gap in using technology. However, with the employment of Conversational AI, that gap has been taken care of, to quite an extent. As a result of this, without adding any other application in between, it has become possible to connect collaborators with virtual assistants.
If you are considering using tools like Google Analytics, it is important to remember that Google Analytics can tell you the number of people visiting your company webpage, and their frequency of visit. But unfortunately, it cannot tell you the reason behind this behavior. For instance, you can see that a particular individual has been visiting the pricing page of your website numerous times without booking a trial session. But you cannot find out the reason for them not booking a session.
However, with the help of an AI-driven chat, you can possibly ask them whether they require any assistance for booking. After discussing with them, you might find out that they are unsure about the number of features a particular pricing plan consists of, or some other hindrance to confirming a session.
By taking this cue, nowadays enterprises are recording feedbacks in real-time with the help of chatbots. And then by extracting the feedback, they are trying to improve their business operations and services.

How does conversational AI help in business development?

These days companies are having both structured and unstructured information that gets piled up with each passing second. Now employees might easily get puzzled while trying to segregate datasets, as navigating through them can be quite complicated. But AI advancements are making sure that employees can access this information through voice commands, and can sort the data in any way they want.
Although companies are storing data each day, are all the data essential? To ensure that useful and relevant data is readily accessible for Business Development, conversational AI is now being used to make data more transparent, cutting-edge, and customizable.

How can businesses make relevant customer profiles?

With the help of BI tools, now you can create accurate customer profiles by collecting information from all the stages of an individual’s journey with your business. You can achieve this by enabling an AI-powered chat system where the information you derive from your customers can be incorporated into the CRM by syncing the chat history with the customer profile, right after the chat ends.
If you accomplish in improving your customer profiles by making leveraging the combination of BI and AI, you can certainly look forward to a spike in your customer satisfaction levels, leading to a boost in your revenues