Machine Learning in Google Analytics:

Google Analytics users have thus far felt the need to be able to place commands in the form of natural language queries – a feature that was missing. But it seems like their wish has been granted because Google will soon incorporate the same language processing technology in Google Analytics like their other products like Google Search.

What can users expect after the feature gets launched?

Once the natural language processing feature is made available, users can speak or utter queries to receive an output of analyzed data. This result can range from basic numbers and percentages to charts and graphs, which are more detailed visualizations of data analysis.

According to Google, its prime intention is to make the data analysis powered by Machine Learning available to business users. Google sees this as a way of freeing the data analysts from doing such basic tasks so that they can focus their efforts on more complex research and business development.

How will the query results be displayed to users?

You can ask any questions relevant to your business, and based on that you will be presented with results in the form of tables or maybe a chart. For example, if someone asks how many new users have searched the ‘About Us’ section from their mobiles this week, then they would be provided with numbers. But if they query about a certain session duration, then an entire chart will be displayed in the results.

This feature is a component of Analytics Intelligence that employs Machine Learning to decode user data. Analytics intelligence, which is available both on the web and as an app version of Google Analytics,also offers automated insights.

Why has Google finally decided to add this new feature?

Google’s decision to empower Google Analytics with Natural Language Processing is to make business users aware of their own data. Operated by Analytics Intelligence platform, a component of Artificial Intelligence, this feature will also help businesses understand and better interpret their data.

Google also informs that with time, this language functionality will just get better and more features will be added to it. It is expected that the language support will become smarter by learning and foreseeing from gathered insights,about questions that the majority of the users are interested in.

What new insights can user receive?

Apart from indicating users about certain issues or problems, it can also offer solutions to those problems. There will also be specific recommendations based on those issues, for example, decreasing the page load time to reduce bounce rate or, increasing the conversions rate of new users by adding the new Adword Keyword.

How can users access this new feature?

Google says that although users would not find this feature immediately, they will start rolling it out in the next two weeks or so. However, to use the automated insights and questions feature, they need to click on the intelligence button to open up a side panel on the website or tap on the intelligence option available in the Google Analytics application to access this feature.