Data to Transform The Telecom Industry In 2020

Experts suggest that with the ending of 2020, there would be radical changes brought about by data impacting telecommunication all over the world. It is expected that with the help of Data Analytics there will be the reemergence of customer trust in voice communications and amazing reduction of spam – two of the very significant aspects in modern communications.

Authenticating call sources

To understand this, we first have to understand the role of CPS or the Call per Second which is the main thing. Although the term sounds complex, it is nothing more than the number of phone calls that are handled in one second. With the help of CPS, service providers can determine whether a particular call has been made by a human, or if it is generated by automated sources like ‘robocalling’.
When ‘robocalling’ first emerged it had received some positive acclamation, but with time it became more of an annoyance and started receiving negative feedback. To curb this issue, wireless and traditional carriers have begun looking for untrusted call sources. This has been proven to be a little effective, and that is why FCC has mandated the use of SHAKEN/STIR which judges not only the legitimacy of the call but also the traffic.
SHAKEN/STIR is a level of attestation provided to calls, and based on it, calls coming from untrusted organizations or overseas can now be traced and blocked. Nowadays, communication providers can easily solve this issue of receiving numerous calls from unauthenticated sources by combining voice-based authentication solutions with CPS thresholds.
Thanks to these solutions offered by Big Data, now there is an increase in the number of customers picking up the calls

Improved customer engagement

There is also expected to be a hike in telecom operators’ app usage because customers are hesitant to talk to a robot. But this will change very soon and customers are expected to go back to the earlier ways of reaching out via calls.
By utilizing the basics of Data Science, businesses now have the option of mining customer data to derive more information beneficial for their business. All this can only happen if the customers adopt the old ways of communicating with businesses on native channels, including voice calling and messaging, not only on apps.
So, in a nutshell, data can be a real game-changer for businesses, but for that to happen, it is important to employ data science and AI.

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