Managing Data with BOOMI MDM

Managing Data with BOOMI MDM

What is Master Data?

Master data is crucial business data that is typically shared among different systems and departments for making critical business decisions and performing operations. Organizations should deploy Master Data Management solutions to effectively manage such critical data.

What is Master Data Management?

Master Data Management (MDM) provides organizations with a set of procedures and tools to maintain data consistency and accuracy within the enterprise. This ensures that there exists a unified source of truth for all crucial data, which in turn helps with accurate and reliable data available within the organization. The execution of MDM with the assistance of the Boomi Master Data Hub connection simplifies the integration process.

Importance of Master Data Management?

In the present data-driven landscape, maintaining the synchronization and accuracy of data across different systems has become crucial for organizations to scale. MDM plays a significant role in accomplishing this goal by offering a centralized platform to maintain and manage crucial business data.

Implementing MDM has many benefits; including the setting up of a single source of truth for all crucial data – removing data discrepancies. This, in turn, helps organizations make informed decisions and execute business operations with greater accuracy and efficiency. Some key factors that make MDM so important for an organization’s growth are:

  • Removal of manual processes
  • Reduction of workload
  • Data governance and compliance
  • Better data quality
  • Business process efficiency
  • Easy decision making

Problems with Data coming from Disparate Siloed Systems

The amount of data that businesses need to manage is only growing. This means the challenges in managing such a huge amount of data are also growing.

What is the biggest problem concerning data today? The problem is that data is everywhere. It is available in a million different places, in an unsynchronized manner. And that unsynchronized data is preventing businesses from gaining any insights/value from it.

Consider an example where the salespeople in an organization enter customers’ data within CRM applications, and never update the customer details after closing the deal. Now, consider a scenario where the same customer is being served by another department that stores its data in an ERP system. Now if the customer’s contact details change, then that department will make the change only to their ERP system, but the CRM system will still reflect the old contact details. Such issues can be easily solved by an automated data synchronization strategy.

Data Synchronization: How Does it Help Businesses?

To set up a single source of truth for the entire business, it is crucial to synchronize and enrich trusted data across all enterprise systems by mapping it to the enterprise directory. This can be accomplished by synchronizing data between different business applications. The process comprises creating a central golden data record in a data hub connecting all applications. The Boomi Master Data Hub acts as a central data hub that mechanically routes any modifications made in any of the applications to the other applications. This ensures that all systems are up to date. By synchronizing data in real-time, businesses eliminate the need for manual updates and enhance data accuracy. This in turn leads to better decision-making processes, productivity, and customer experiences. Moreover, data synchronization helps businesses have a more efficient and streamlined workflow, which ultimately helps them grow in today’s data-dependent business environment.

Boomi Master Data Management

Boomi is popular and one of the most trusted vendors for MDM. The IPaas platform offers a flexible, scalable, and easy-to-implement MDM Hub. It allows businesses to effectively govern their data assets by enforcing data security, auditing, and compliance while reducing the risk posed by running applications on incomplete or inaccurate information. One of the exclusive features of Boomi’s Master Data Hub is that it does not manage or store all data, but synchronizes only the master data from operational systems. With this approach, the data remains within the business’s active databases and never escapes the on-premise or cloud environment.

Thus, the Boomi Master data hub is a cloud-native MDM solution that helps with data synchronization. With this platform, businesses can manage data assets efficiently by improving safety, data audit, and compliance. Moreover, the solution significantly minimizes the risks of errors due to inaccurate information, with reliable data for critical business decisions. Boomi Master Data Hub consists of the following components:

  • Data Model: Sets up the types of data such as customers, products, and so on.
  • Matching Engine: Finds and groups related records.
  • Stewardship: Helps keep data accurate and well-managed.
  • Integration: Keeps data updated across different systems.

Key Functions of Boomi Master Data Hub

Boomi Master Data Hub is a comprehensive solution enabling businesses to maintain a single source of truth for their master data assets such as products, customers, and suppliers. Following are some of its key functions:

  • Fast Master Data Modeling: With a low-code, visual interface, Boomi enables quick matching and merging of data records across the business.
  • Comprehensive Matching: Boomi offers built-in matching processes to create reliable, consolidated data records that can be trusted by any business.
  • Collective Intelligence: Boomi comprises a ‘Suggest’ wizard that offers access to the developer community. Thus, businesses can access expert opinions to easily add fields to data models.
  • Automatic Alerts: Real-time alerts help users stay informed about the data processing status or when records need additional stewardship or updates.
  • Seamless Integration: Boomi Master Data Hub provides seamless integration with other Boomi products and third-party applications; thus, helping businesses incorporate MDM into their overall IT landscape easily. This can lead to significant operational cost savings and help businesses make better decisions based on consistent and accurate data – eventually resulting in better business outcomes.

Wrapping Up

With Boomi Master Data Hub, businesses can maintain a single source of truth for their master data assets, such as customers, suppliers, and products. The solution offers a comprehensive set of functions, including data synchronization, data governance, data quality management, data integration, and data enrichment – enabling businesses to effectively manage their data assets with ease.

Aretove Technologies stands out as the premier provider of Boomi MDM solutions. By leveraging a robust understanding of Boomi’s comprehensive MDM capabilities, Aretove ensures seamless data integration and governance, enhancing operational efficiency and data accuracy. Our customized solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each client, offering scalable and flexible implementations. With a commitment to continuous improvement and support, Aretove not only delivers exceptional Boomi MDM solutions but also partners with clients to offer long-term success and data excellence.

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