Never Give Up!

Building a start-up is rife with hurdles. Each day brings in with it fresh challenges in an entrepreneurship; one of your key employee may quit, the numbers might not tally up and some of the anticipated deals may not go through. Just ensure you never give up, no matter what. On top of it things can happen out of the blue bringing unanticipated issues to the table. All in all, the whole situation might look more than a tad unsurmountable. At some point you could be forgiven for wondering if it’s all worth it. However, my advice is to let the troublesome day pass. Hold on to the hope along with the new learnings and use it to renew your determination to make it work.

O n l y   the   S u c c e s s e s   Are    Remembered

Every big name in the startup or corporate world today has had its moments of anguish, when the founders must have struggled with questions such as “Can we make it”? They realized that they must and can make it, which is why they’re still around, unlike the 99% who gave up and are history today – nobody knows them.

Don’t Overthink

Don’t overthink the whole “shall I give up” thought process. Instead work on the problems at hand, entrepreneurship is all about analyzing what’s wrong, what’s not working out. Is it the initial idea that’s not working out or the execution? Or is the issue with “Not” playing to your core strengths?

Don’t Become Too Attached

It’s your start-up, I understand, but try to keep yourself as detached as possible. Because if you get too emotionally attached to something you started, you may not be ready to question it. Be ready to question your ideas and pivot. Be Strong and Re-set, Re-adjust, Re-start…as many times as you need to. Sometime back we realized we had to cut some of our product initiatives and also had to let go of some team members. It was heart-wrenching especially after we had put in everything to make things work. However sad it may feel, if things are not working out, let go, learn from your losses and play to your core strengths.

It Take’s Time

Bringing in change or transformation doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. It’s important to realize this point in entrepreneurship. It’s not something that can be bought; it’s not like hiring a bunch of good people, putting them under one roof and hoping everything will click by itself. It takes time and effort to build a great winning team packed with the intelligence, integrity and perseverance. Keep calm, have fun with your work and continue giving your best. Things will fall in place.

The Take Away

Even if you give up at the end, after trying your very, very best, it’s okay. You’re still a winner – all because you tried, truly tried. Remember there is no shame in trying and failing; the real shame is in not trying!