Disparate systems are data processing systems that operate entirely on their own without working with other data processing systems. In such a scenario, data sharing between such systems is impossible. These systems are also known as information silos as they are isolated from other systems. Shifting integration in IT is a solution to such systems.

Disparate data systems comprise 3 layers – the software layer, the data layer, and a data processing environment layer. As disparate systems do not communicate with each other, automation is difficult and data duplication is high.

Organizations Should Leverage Data Integrations

Managing disparate databases turns nearly impossible as an organization grows. One of the greatest advantages of data integration is the ability to create consistent and autonomous interactions between disparate data sources. It also offers direct access to each data system, thus data control is possible (where it is seen and referenced). Data integration also offers better scalability and flexibility with certain tasks since the data structure remains intact.

How Disparate Systems Are Negatively Impacting Your Organization

If you have a growing organization, then there is a huge possibility of having multiple disconnected disparate sources. It can be challenging to manage them all, but it is crucial to prevent inefficiency and possible security threats. Let us see how disparate systems are affecting your organization so that you understand the importance of system integration in business:

Costly System Upgrades

Disparate systems require costly system upgrades which is difficult for an organization to keep up with. Upgrading each system is more expensive than upgrading one integrated system.

Prevents connection with Partners

Another negative impact on your company is that your systems might not be able to connect with your partners.

Management Costs

Lastly, the cost of managing multiple systems is time-intensive and incredibly high.

Weak Reporting Capabilities

Disparate systems do not support strong reporting capabilities. This results in a slow decision-making process and eventually lowers productivity.

Incompatibility of Business Tools

It takes a lot of time to ensure the synchronization of business tools to get them to interact properly with each other. This stops the team from concentrating on high-value tasks.

Invest in a Cloud Solution

Instead of working on disparate systems, we recommend that you invest in a single cloud platform that integrates all business functions, brings business information into a single database, and makes it available in real-time. The following are the aspects to consider system integration in an enterprise or business:

  • Lower costs
  • Better data integrity
  • Synchronized business processes
  • Enhanced business insight
  • Lesser software maintenance

Cloud software is the future of modern organizations. From faster implementation to managing operations online without being available on the shop floor, cloud ERP guarantees better workflow and a better business environment. Employees can track, edit, view, and assess ongoing tasks, and communicate with other teams about the necessary data.

How Aretove Technologies Can Help with Shifting Integration in IT?

Aretove Technologies can help by:

  • Implementing a robust data collection process to drive data analytics. Our efforts focussed focus on the Product Design, Sales, Warehouse, Inventory, and Customer Support departments to review and analyze the existing data capture processes for the creation of scalable data ingestion and transformation systems.
  • Consolidating all disparate information into a single platform. This platform enables you to search for data, access it, extract it, and share it with any system without creating a security risk.
  • Delivering consistent data in a secure manner. You will be able to perform services without any fear of compromising the data. Our company also helps you govern data in real-time, thus helping you deliver services in a timely manner.
  • Consolidating all the disconnected applications into one platform for easy navigation. This enables one to quickly search for the service or data you need without having to deal with a complex navigation process.
  • Determining the right inventory level. With hundreds of products available in the retail and online channels the ability to predict and manage inventory is a must. Using various predictive models we can help define the appropriate levels for the most important SKUs.


Aretove Technologies can help with shifting integrations in IT by integrating all of your disparate systems and achieving unlimited potential with industry-leading processes and business automation. Reach out to us to explore our various software services and solutions which are at the intersection of Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

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