In spite of being aware of the various reasons why we should limit the use of paper, the idea of going entirely paperless office seems to be a distant dream.
Even though the use of paper has been reduced to a certain extent, compared to earlier times, a long way remains to be traversed to achieve the dream of paperless offices. However, the good news is that scientists are already on their way to make paperless offices a reality, thanks to Robotics and AI.
In fact, some very interesting activities are already underway which can ensure no-paper offices.

Foundation of Ripcord robots

Apple Inc.’s Steve Wozniak has invested in ‘Ripcord’ the brainchild of a robotic digitalization enterprise. Although Ripcords are not programmed to roam around the workplace and collect papers, and humans have to feed the papers into the machine, it can perform 90 percent of the indexing task, remove staples and create high-quality PDF files before shredding the paper for recycling. The recent versions of Ripcords are more compact and more advanced than its earlier versions. These robots are programmed to handle sensitive data contained in paper sheets, and can thereby prevent errors in conversion and also protect the customer’s confidential details. (Something that is a growing concern in today’s world!)

Is your data still trapped in the paper?

According to the co-founder of Ripcord robots, Mr. Kevin Hall, the company has merged Conversational Artificial Intelligence and robotic hardware with enterprise software, to make the entire process effective and budget-friendly. As most of our data is still recorded on papers, the machines intend to convert it into a data format that can not only be searched but also analyzed.
Ripcords are specially designed keeping the needs of small-scale businesses in mind and every unit is built to be entirely portable.
Now, you might ask whether it is a one-off process. The answer to this question is mostly yes if your firm considers digitalizing all your existing paper data by integrating software-based techniques like Conversational AI.

Is the ‘Ripcord’ just a feature-packed photocopier?

So Ripcords work like copy machines, do they?
Well, for all of you who think that is in nothing more than an advanced photocopier with additional digital imaging features, then there is something more that you should know. According to the company’s technical team, the robots follow a combination of Machine Learning and are programmed as per the latest AI trends which helps them to adapt to the diverse forms of unstructured data sent by customers for processing.

Is the paperless office a myth?

Although the earliest discussion for paperless offices goes back to the 1980s and today it seems that we are stuck, you must understand that extensive research is still underway every day. However, there are some obstacles like human habits and insufficient substitutes to replace a piece of paper, the paperless office is slowly making its way into reality with the assistance of companies like Ripcord.