Data Science as a career has seen a huge growth over the last few years. If you love number crunching, problem-solving, and data then perhaps Data Science is the right choice for you. There is a common perception that once a person is in this field, then he/she is set for the future. However, one must keep in mind that experienced Data Scientists have to keep themselves updated with the latest research and technology. In the Data Science field, what was related a year ago may not be applicable this year. That is how fast this space is growing.

Note: With over twenty million users, Anaconda has been the first choice as a Data Science Platform.

Here a few reasons why you would consider learning Data Science:

  • Everything is data driven in this digital world:

The digital age has been accompanied with the data era – an era in which data has become a product that is more valuable than gold and oil. The quantity of data being produced globally every day is phenomenal and is only expected to keep on increasing as the world’s population gets more access to the internet. There is data available all over and each business requires data to function. Thus, having the capability to work with data is a vital skill. Merging your Data Science knowledge with the skill sets you possess will only add value to your resume. This is the most exciting time to learn Data Science.

Note: 28% of professionals work in a dedicated Data Science Center of Excellence (DSCoE) in various organizations.
  • Learning Data Science gives you an opportunity to re-form yourself:

No matter which field you are currently pursuing, there are various Data Science and Machine Learning (ML) courses available on platforms such as edX, DataCamp, Coursera, and YouTube. You can challenge yourself to learn about data this 2021. Having some background in a corresponding discipline such as physics, engineering, mathematics, computer Science, economics, or accounting is an added advantage as you can learn the basics through self-study.

  • A promising filed with a lot of high-paying jobs:

Data Science, ML, and analytics are considered to be amongst the best career paths. The demand for skilled Data Scientists in industries, the government, and academia is quickly growing. By learning the fundamentals and principles of Data Science, you can increase your chances of getting a job in the Data Science field.

Note: 66% of beginners believe that lack of experience and incompetent technical skills is the biggest challenge in finding their ideal Data Science job.
  • Data Science skills are also important for personal use:

Data Science is also very useful personally, for example one may need to analyze research data while writing a project or a thesis. ML tools can be used analyze large datasets of material properties to create correlations between specific properties and for outlier detection. Leveraging data visualization techniques can also be used to produce high-quality visualizations of research data.


There are various free resources for learning about Data Science at present. Resources are available on platforms such as Coursera, edX, DataCamp, Udemy, YouTube, and so on. The only thing is for you to decide if you are willing to dedicate your time and energy to learn about data.