You can never really visit LinkedIn these days without observing that an organization has shared news of an award that it has received for leadership, partnership, innovation, or anything. Job seekers are always searching for great IT places to work at. We are living in an age of ribbons, recognitions, and trophies. Some company awards are more valuable than others, and 0ne such valuable certification is the Great Place to Work® Certification.

What is a Great Place to Work Certification

Great Place to Work® Certification is one of the most respected, illustrious, and prestigious achievements for any organization across the world. However, for an organization to get certified with the Great Place to Work® Certification, 70% or more of its employee respondents should rate the organization as an excellent workplace. A Great Place to Work Certification identifies employers who develop an outstanding employee experience.

Getting a Great Place to Work® Certification

Each year, thousands of students graduate and look for good IT companies to work in. Just as companies want the best candidates, job aspirants are clear about the kind of company they want to join. Job seekers look for healthy work culture and are even ready to let go of a hefty package if they get a work-life balance and good work culture at a company. Employees want a place with a great work culture that gives them a sense of fulfillment. Great Place to Work® Institute’s practice is recognized as demanding and is thought of as the gold standard for defining excellent workplaces.

How does the Certification Work

Great Place to Work has been researching and surveying employees for approximately 30 years. It is recognized as the global authority on workplace culture leadership behaviors and employee experience. Not all organizations get a certification that offers credibility of good work culture for an organization. It takes a lot of effort from HR policies to receive a certification as one of the great IT places to work at.

Great Place to Work for Certification Helps:

The Great Place to Work for Certification for Indian companies is better for:

  • Business: The certification develops the full human capability of the whole workforce.
  • People: The certification provides a reliably positive work experience and inspires each individual to reach their full potential.
  • World: As the certification is better for the people and the business, it enables the building of a society.

Aretove Receives Great Place to Work at Certification

Aretove is proud to announce that we are a Great Place to Work-Certified™ organization. It has created a Great Place to Work for all its employees by excelling in the 5 dimensions. These 5 dimensions are a high-trust, high-performance culture, Respect, Credibility, Fairness, Pride, and Camaraderie.

Leading IT Consulting Company, Aretove offers simple Innovative solutions for complex business challenges. Aretove experts concentrate on three core areas, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The organization offers its pre-built cloud-based forecasting and predictive analytics platform for better business outcomes. With a Great Place to Work Certification, Aretove is one of the good IT companies to work in.

 Wrapping Up:

Covid 19 has put the reliability of the best organizations to work in India on the line . In a post-pandemic era, companies are judged on how positively and effectively they responded to the pandemic. Organizations certified with the Great Place to Work® Certification in India have responded aptly to the situation.



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