The Role of AI in Customer Data Platforms


The marketing function of an organization company can hugely benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI). To match services or products to customer needs and to convince clients to purchase, AI technology has the capability to make a significant difference. A recent study by the Harvard Business Review states that while AI has made great leaps in marketing, it will take on larger roles across the function in the foreseeable future.

One area that the use of AI can enhance is customer service. Businesses that incorporate customer service in their company objectives should include AI in strategies to enhance a customer’s experience. Various AI tools are available online that can be used to enable interaction with customers as they browse apps or sites.

How AI can Help Customer-Data Platforms

To use customer data efficiently, marketers have to depend on the resources available for collecting and altering customer data into combined profiles. Other steps include analyzing patterns in profiles, implementing customer treatment solutions, and repeatedly measuring the performance of those solutions. However, each of these steps is restricted by the bottleneck of human labor. Marketers have come to depend on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform these tasks in a manner that offers value to both the customers and the organizations.

AI is Quicker and more Cost-Efficient than Traditional Labor

Using AI technology in Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) allows for improved processing speeds at lower total costs to organizations. However, AI still depends on the knowledge of experts to be set up and maintain permanency. Due to the volume and variety of customer data, marketers have to analyze and generate data. Thus, employing additional staff is not a realistic solution. The opportunities for organizations to enhance their customers’ experiences based on the data are huge. The best way for organizations to improve and maintain their CDPs is by applying technologies such as AI to complement their staff productivity.

Benefits Of Using Artificial Intelligence For Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence has many benefits for customer experience. AI can enable companies to better understand their customers, offer a more personalized service, and make it easy for customers to find what they require. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Using intelligent systems and algorithms, businesses can foresee things that the customers may require such as the next item in a shopping cart or the products that are most likely to win customer loyalty. This saves businesses money and time as they need not continue to gather customer data for each user.
  • Using AI, businesses can also track the customers’ preferences and actions for a long period of time. This enables a business to target ads to their most potential customers. Using AI to target ads could mean that businesses can gain customers’ approval before they begin the process of advertising.
  • AI is able to do more than just enhance the customer experience and increase the probability of gaining a good response from customers. It can also help businesses save a lot of money.


This blog just gave a brief introduction to how Artificial Intelligence can help businesses and organizations improve their processes. This blog is just a general overview of AI in customer experience. AI can perform customer experience management functions such as data mining, sentiment analysis, and predictive analytics to comprehend a customer’s needs. It can also automate tasks that may be tedious and repetitive, freeing up time for agents to concentrate on high-value interactions.