Top Trends in Cloud Computing in 2022


Cloud computing was well-established and popular during the pre-covid days; however, it has taken the spotlight as remote working was the only option left for most of us once the pandemic struck. At present, the appetite for cloud solutions is at an all-time high.

Best Trends of Cloud Computing in 2022

Let us take a look at the top trends for cloud computing this year:

  1. Edge computing

Edge computing is another approach for storing and computing data in the cloud environment. It creates localized data centers near where the collation of data occurs.

  • What are data centers?

These data centers store and compute data. A central repository could be thousands of miles away. This type of decentralized computing infrastructure decreases latency issues and increases application performance.

  1. Server less functions

Serverless computing is essential in most organizations. This cloud computing technique offers a legitimate pay-as-you-go model that enables businesses to pay only for the services that are used.

  • How can the Infrastructure Scale?

The infrastructure can scale invisibly depending on the requirements of an application without any significant capital investment.

  1. Kubernetes enabling blockchain

Blockchain is a ground-breaking technology that offers a shared digital ledger for recording data in a private or public network. Thus, it maintains correct records of transactions without depending on a central authority.

  • How can Kubernetes Help?

Present public blockchain infrastructure is ineffective for big data management and storage, making it complex to incorporate blockchain systems for big data applications. Kubernetes for blockchain helps scale environments rapidly and ensure high availability by offering multiple containers for key services.

  1. Hybrid cloud computing and multi-cloud infrastructure

Hybrid cloud computing services are all about combining different cloud computing approaches.

  • How can Public Servers Help?

Public servers can store data that needs frequent and quick access and private servers store sensitive data. A balanced hybrid strategy provides organizations with the best of both worlds.

  1. Combined services of Big Data, Cloud Computing and IoT

Cloud computing will improve by 2022 as it combines with big data and IoT. Leading tech giants will integrate the combined services, making it a trend.

  • Future of Big Data and IoT

Big data and IoT are new technologies, and several organizations are functioning on their support. After processing and analyzing, big data offers information related to a specific enterprise.

  1. The Rise of Cloud-Gaming

Cloud gaming is a developing technology that enables users to stream virtual games for a flat monthly fee. It lets one play on any laptop, desktop, or smartphone without any requirement of an expensive console.

  • How is Cloud Gaming different?

Cloud gaming removes the requirement for users to have any specialized hardware, storage space, and piracy problems, which means lower cost and sustainability.


Cloud computing has been a technological front-runner over the last two years. It is a trend that enables innovation and a standard that allows cost savings and flexibility.

  • Cloud the Future?

With the continued importance of cloud services in most organizations, there is no doubt that the cloud is the future. New cloud-native trends will continue to develop in this fantastic digital landscape of dynamic and varied architecture.