Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a topic of interest over the last decade or so. Yet, there are still multiple obstacles present that can hinder businesses from adopting AI. One of the most common obstacles is the cost, as implementing AI technologies and skills can be very expensive. The solution to this problem are no-code solutions. No-code solutions are the substitute for traditional AI technologies by enabling the democratization of AI by making it easily and widely available at a low cost.

What is No-Code AI

No-code AI or codeless AI is a category in the AI landscape that works with the purpose of democratizing AI. No-code AI is nothing but using a no-code development platform with a code-free, visual, and often drag-and-drop interface to arrange and deploy the AI and Machine Learning (ML) models. A wide range of tools offers no-code AI capabilities. These capabilities include dedicated no-code AI tools, and some automation tools (for example, some RPA software providers). No-code AI allows non-technical users to easily categorize and evaluate data and build correct models for forecasts.

Why is No-Code AI Important for Businesses?

No-code AI makes it possible to build AI models without hiring trained personnel. This is beneficial for businesses as currently, there is just not enough data science talent available. According to the latest Forbes survey, 83% of businesses state that AI is a tactical priority for their businesses today. That sentiment has been captured by the growth in demand for AI talent. LinkedIn reports show that in the US, for example, demand for the job of “Artificial Intelligence” has grown by 74% in the last four years.

Yet, we do not have enough data science talent. And presently, technology and financial service companies are absorbing 60% of AI talent, which results in smaller companies relying on citizen data scientists for optimizing AI use cases. Creating AI models (i.e. training ML models) needs effort, time, and experience. No-code AI decreases the time to develop AI models to minutes allowing organizations to conveniently adopt ML models in their processes.

Benefits of No-Code AI Solutions

No-code AI solutions decrease the entry barriers for businesses and individuals to begin experimenting with machine learning and AI. These solutions enable businesses to adopt AI models swiftly and at a low cost, allowing their domain experts to benefit from the latest technology.

  • It combines business experience with AI: Data science is still at its nascent stages and most data scientists do not have much business experience as the domain experts. With no-code solutions, users can leverage their domain-specific experience and easily build AI solutions.
  • It’s fast: Studies claim that no-code/ low code solutions have the capability to decrease the development time up by 90%.
  • It’s low cost: One of the benefits of no-code technologies and automation is savings. Organizations need lesser data scientists when they can have their business users build ML models.
  • It helps data scientists concentrate: For businesses with a data science team, requests of other employees shift the data science team’s concentration to easy-to-solve tasks. No-code solutions minimize distracting requests as they enable business users to tackle such requests themselves.


Small organizations do not possess the monetary assets to undertake and deploy AI on a large scale. However, no-code AI eliminates such hindrances. Also, companies throughout various industrial sectors can leverage the ability of AI. No-code AI platforms have the potential to be widely used, just as the word-processing and spreadsheet software program